SASCRS Milestones during the early years


South African Intra Ocular Lens Society (SAIOLS)
On 24 November this Society was inaugurated in Johannesburg with 36 founder members


First AGM held in Durban 21 March
President Dr Marius Pretorius
Secretary-Treasurer Dr Bob Trope

Dr Percy Amoils
Dr Hubrecht Brody
Dr Basil Kuming
Dr Danie Maritz
Prof Hennie Meyer
Prof Andries Stulting

Regional chairs
Central Tvl: Dr Bob Trope
East Cape: Dr Tev Pienaar
Natal: Dr Des Morris
Northern Tvl: Dr Neil Murray
OFS: Prof Andries Stulting
West Cape: Dr Hubrecht Brody


First Congress, 25-26 October, at the Sandton Sun Hotel, Johannesburg
Keynote speakers: Dr Dennis Shepard and Dr John Wiesel
Attended by 80 South African delegates

First Honorary member Dr Edward Epstein, SA Pioneer of lens implantation

Affiliated to ASCRS


Affiliated to IIIC


Name changed to Southern African Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery