Photographers, Nature-lovers & 4x4 Enthusiasts!

Discover the desert’s unique treasures in a world of infinite horizons, dramatic vistas and fascinating flora and fauna… The vast Namib Desert, whose name means “place of no people” in the local Khoikhoi language, is approximately 80 million years old and thought to be the oldest desert on earth. It is completely devoid of surface water, bisected by several dry riverbeds and characterized by extensive undulating dunes making this the greatest desert trip possible. Book early! LIMITED availability - max 12 vehicles.

2x options:
a) 6 days: Fly to Windhoek International or Walvis Bay airport
b) 9 days: Drive to Windhoek via Fish River Canyon (Overnight in Ais-Ais)

*The six-day journey will take you through many beautiful and exciting landscapes with varying and thrilling off-road challenges and incredible campsites.
On entering the Namib Naükluft Park you will follow almost the same route the early settlers in their ox-wagons, the German Schutztruppe on their horses and camels and the “transport ryers” in the late 1800’s took.
You will visit the amazing Kuiseb River and the Kuiseb Canyon, where you’ll find an abundance of spectacular birds, trees and the unusual Welwitschia Mirabilis plant, endemic to the Namib Desert.
Drive through the “Diamond Area No.2” ghost towns and past shipwrecks near Meob Bay and Conception Bay.
The adrenaline–filled epic desert adventure culminates in the breathtaking trail from Sandwich Harbour to Walvis Bay.*

Costs available on request:
a) 1x person per vehicle
b) 2-4 persons sharing a vehicle
c) Children (give ages)

The following will be included in the cost:
- Fuel
- Meals
- Concession & Park entry fees
- Government levies
- Accommodation: Solitaire, Walvis Bay, Windhoek & Ais-Ais

Although this trip is not driven in the style of a “Dakar Rally”, it will include dune driving and “wild camping” (i.e. No formal facilities at the camp sites).
We can assist you with 4x4 and camping equipment rental.